Executive Committee:

The Commissioners of the Camden County Municipal Joint Insurance Fund shall hold public meetings during the year 2020 on the fourth Monday of each month (unless otherwise noted) at 5:15 p.m. in the following locations:

Meeting Time Meeting Date Meeting Location
5:15PM January 27, 2020 Berlin Borough Municipal Building
5:15PM February 24, 2020 Haddon Township Municipal Building
5:15PM March 23, 2020 CANCELLED
5:15PM April 27, 2020

Zoom Meeting

5:15PM *May 18, 2020 Zoom Meeting
5:15PM June 22, 2020 Zoom Meeting
5:15PM July 27, 2020 Zoom Meeting
5:15PM August 24, 2020 Zoom Meeting
5:15PM September 28, 2020 Zoom Meeting
5:15PM October 21, 2020    Zoom Meeting
5:15PM October 26, 2020 Zoom Meeting
5:15PM           November 23, 2020         Zoom Meeting

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In addition, the Camden County Municipal Joint Insurance Fund Claims Committee will meet to discuss pending litigation and claims on the Friday before the fourth Monday of every month at 10AM at the offices of Brown & Connery, LLP located at 360 Haddon Ave, Westmont, NJ 08108. The only exceptions to the Claims meeting schedule is that the December meeting time is 11:30 AM.